How to choose hair colour

Hair Colour: How to choose the right one

How do you choose the right hair colour? Well that’s a great question. You’ve been blonde, you’ve been brunette, but still, other girls seem to be having more luck with their hair than you! And what about the confusion when...

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How to fix dry hair

The ultimate dry hair cheat sheet.

Have you always struggled with dry hair? How would you feel if I gave you the ultimate dry hair repair cheat sheet? That would be fantastic wouldn’t it? Firstly, let’s have a look at what’s going on with your hair....

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How to fix frizzy hair

Why is my hair frizzy?

“Why is my hair frizzy?” The subject of frizzy hair is something I talk about all the time as a hairdresser. People want to know why their hair is frizzy and the answer to the question has so many different...

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Frizzy Hair

How to stop frizzy hair after blow-drying

Do you often wonder how to stop frizzy hair after a blow-dry? How come a blow-dry at the salon leaves you looking like a celebrity, but when you blow-dry your hair at home, the results are… less appealing, to say...

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