Have you got a story to tell about the amount of hairdresser’s you’ve been to that just don’t quite understand you or your life style? You are time poor and your appearance is so important. The wrong hairstyle is the difference between a good and a bad month.

Wouldn’t it be great if the hairdresser listened to you and what you need? And what about being kept waiting? Doesn’t that just piss you off !? I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than to be sitting in an over booked salon waiting your turn.

Well we have the solution for you. Why don’t you read our story .


Our Story 
Caring, friendly and still going after 40 years.

When we first opened the doors to Cheveux  in 1972 – pronounced “sher-ver”, the French word for hair – we wanted to be a breath of fresh air among Sydney’s inner city hairdressers. Our mission was to do hair differently. Create hairstyles that you could manage yourself at home. As well as the high-end cut and styling you should expect from any city hair salon, we believed the experience of just being here should be enjoyable too.

Our Mission.

The thing about us, is that we’re all about you.

Cheveux opened the doors to our hair salon with one simple word as its philosophy: People. The original founders, David Mathers and James Barbus, believed that care should be just as important as the hair cut. This desire to offer clients first class service and cutting-edge techniques ensured huge success in the hair dressing industry. Cheveux quickly built a big list of loyal customers, who were rewarded by being among the first in Australia to experience precision hair cutting… witnessing the birth of the wash, cut and blow-dry.

After nearly 30 years on the hair salon floor, David and James hung up their scissors and handed over the reigns to their long-time right-hand man, Andrew  Copeland. From the hair salon’s current location in Sydney’s CBD, Andrew and his team make sure the story of Cheveux’s commitment to customers continues.

Andrew is driven to deliver service to his clients. One of the things that has kept Cheveux going for over forty years, is the fact that they run on time. Andrew understands that people are time poor. Having a salon in Wynyard, the heart of the Sydney CBD, Cheveux understands that clients need their hair done promptly so they can get back to work.

With the convenience of the salon opening at 7am and closing at 7pm, clients have the luxury of getting in before and after work. This such a bonus because most people don’t want to waste precious weekend time in a hairdressing salon.

Our Products:

When you come to Cheveux’s Sydney hair salon, you can feel good knowing that every product and process is as environmentally friendly as it’s possible to be.

From natural hair products and non-toxic dyes, to water saving and energy efficiency, our priority is being as kind as we can to our planet and it’s people.

Here’s what we use:

Redken Profressional:

The industry leaders of  because they offer simple solutions for specific needs. Redken offers the complete package from ammonia free haircolouring, to hair loss, mens colouring, colours specifically made for Balayage and Ombre, perming and a full range of shampoos and styling products to compliment your hair. We’ve trusted and used Redken since they first began, and continue our support to this brand because of their ongoing support to the hairdressing industry.


They haven’t become the second highest selling product range in the USA for no reason. Pureology are the sustainable leaders with a focus on serious colour care. There are Zero Sulfates in their Anti Fade Range which will keep any colour vibrate. And all of this has been thought through to the very end; they cater for Vegans which has never been done before on such a huge international professional range.

EVO: Saving ordinary humans from themselves.

Need we say more. This growing  Australian brand has become a solid footprint in the hairdressing industry for a reason. It’s fun, cheeky and gets results. The Evo range has shampoos and conditioners, styling products and Fabuloso toning conditioners for all hair types. There are no lemons in this range !

Our guarantee:

A great hair day. Guaranteed. We love helping time poor people with their appearance and confidence.

When you get your hair done at Cheveux, we don’t just promise a great time and a great hair cut. We guarantee it. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, so we guarantee to do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Do you hate having to wait when you go the doctor or a salon? Well we do too. So we keep our clients informed if we’re running late. Email, phone and text is what you can expect if we are running late. Your time is valuable to us.

And we’ve got the right team and the right philosophy for the job. We pride ourselves on our apprenticeships, our training, and our quality control. Every staff member is educated to the highest industry standards. Natural talents are embraced and nurtured. People skills are encouraged as a priority. Commitment to customer service is rule number one, from day one.

In other words, our business model is designed to give you the best of the best in every way… including the warmth of the welcome, the standard of service, and the quality of your hair cut.