4 Things We All Hate About Dry Hair

Dry hair treatments

No one wants dry hair – and yet it is one of the most common hair issues that I encounter with my clients. I can’t count how many times I’ve had clients complain to me about their  dry hair. I don’t blame them either, because having dry hair really limits what you can do with it. So what are the 4 things we all hate about dry hair? Please read the following:

1.It’s brittle and it breaks easily

The major problem with dry hair is brittleness, and when it’s brittle, it can break easily. Have you ever noticed hair in your combs or brushes, or even on the pillow? It’s not nice.

When the hair is brittle I like to use products that are designed to strengthen your hair. I’ve seen good results using the  Redken Extreme range of hair strengthening shampoo, conditioner, and treatments for preventing hair breakage and damage.

2.Frizzy hair nightmare!

Although frizzy hair can be attributed to genetics and humidity, having dry hair makes you more prone to frizz as well. Frizzy hair is caused by lack of moisture. You may notice your hair becomes frizzier as it loses moisture throughout the day. Having dry hair means dealing with frizzy hair most of the time, even if the day is not hot and humid.

Using products that are specifically designed to nourish, moisturize, and smooth frizzy hair will greatly improve the condition of your hair. Redken Frizz Dismiss ( love the name ! ) range of products is an excellent option for repairing dry, dehydrated hair. Take a look at the Pureology Hydrate range too.

3.Difficult to style

Ever felt like your hair has a mind of its own? How frustrating is it when you spend so much time blow-drying your hair and it just flops? Well’ you can thank your dry hair for that. Dry hair loses elasticity, and it’s the elasticity that helps hold a style. Think about a rubber band being left in the sun. It eventually snaps. Well your hair is like that too. So if you want to have a good style that holds its shape, try getting your hair helathy again using the entire Pureology Hydrate range. It  has the Air Dry Cream and the Shine Max Weightless Flyaway Serum which will make your hair easier to style.

4.Difficult to colour

Ever been told by a hairdresser that your hair is too dry to be coloured? I’ve done it many times, and it’s so heart breaking. But the reality is this, if your hair is to dry and brittle and a hairdresser colours it, it could snap off. And that won’t make anyone happy.

So in order to keep you hair healthy and in good enough condition to colour, I highly recommend using Olaplex. It’s a stand-alone treatment of it can be mixed in with colour. It can only be done professionally in a salon, but it has changed the hairdressing industry and helps colourist maintain.


Okay, so enough of hating your dry hair ! Let’s fix it.

Pop into the salon and we’ll be able to help you map out a journey of recovery for your hair. It’s important because your hair not only is on show for everyone to see, but it makes you fell so good when it’s looking and feeling beautiful.