Do Keratin treatments fix frizzy hair?

Keratin smooth hair

Frizz Free hair using Keratin Treatment

Do keratin treatments fix hair? That’s another question I get asked all the time in the salon.

There’s a short answer to this question, and the answer is Yes! They really help to control frizz.

I think there is confusion when it comes to Keratin treatments because it was only a few years ago that most keratin brands were taken off the market because they contained a toxic chemical called formaldehyde. Back then, the keratin containing formaldehyde was considered more to be a straightening system than a system for reducing frizz. We have seen a huge change in what the product does and I think this is where the confusion has come from.

Unfortunately, without formaldehyde in the product, the results have never been as good.But, formaldehyde is so toxic that long term use put your health and safety at huge risk. Some salons back in the day used to give their clients gas masks to wear when the service was being done. How crazy is that?

I like to explain the difference like this; imagine you want to get mould off a bathroom wall, if we use a product like Exit Mould, it will cut through the mould very quickly and give us a clean result. Now, if you wanted to go down the environmental road and you were to mix vinegar, lemon juice and bicarb soda, you may end up with the same result, but a lot more effort is having to go in. That’s kind of how I compare the old keratin with the new. The old keratin with formaldehyde used to really get the hair straight and frizz free whereas the new products on the market still do a great job but don’t quite get you the same result.

So it’s really important when you get a keratin treatment done to take care of it, especially in the first week. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and advice from your hairdresser.

At Cheveux, we use a product called  Chi Enviro Smoothing System and we love it. Reduces up to 95% of frizz and make the hair feel soft and look shiny. It’s awesome. It makes doing your hair in the morning so much faster.

So if you suffer from frizzy hair, definitely take a Keratin Smoothing Treatment into consideration. If looked after properly, you can expect the treatment to last about 4 months. Just remember to use the correct shampoo and conditioner that usually comes with the service.