5 ways to tame your static hair

Tame static hair now

5 ways to tame static hair


Weather in a country such as ours tends to be on the dry side, which wreaks havoc on thin, limp or fine hair. As a result, many women find themselves tackling a mess of fly-aways and the not-so-desirable “shabby chic” look that will ruin any selfie.

Without getting too technical, static strikes when dry hair sheds negatively charged electrons, leaving your strands with positively charged particles that repel each other. Simple right?

Now that you’re armed with the science, here are some sure-fire tips that will help you fight the good fight against frizz, whether you have coloured hair or naturally hued tresses.

  1. Say no to plastic combs: plastic will only add to those positively charged electrons, so opt for a metal option. You guessed it, science has an explanation for us here too: metal is conductive.
  2. Use a dryer sheet: rub on your hair or hairbrush before brushing, or on your pillow before going to sleep.
  3. Apply some serum like Moroccan Oil or Pureology Super Smooth Relaxing Hair Masque: adding a small amount of hair oil will tame the frizz and provide the added benefit of healthy, luscious looking hair.
  4. Leave in conditioner or hair treatment like Redken’s Frizz Dismiss range: this is another product with multiple benefits for hair health. You’ll keep your hair moisturised while also protecting against split ends and dry, unhealthy looking hair.
  5. Ionic hairdryer: science to the rescue once more. While on the more pricey side, ionic hair dryers avoid completely stripping the moisture from the strands of hair, reducing damage and – you guessed it – preventing static frizz.

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