Comb or brush wet hair? Here’s what we think.


 Beautiful Blond Brushing Her Wet Hair. Hair 

Comb or brush wet hair? We get asked all the time what the right thing to do is and quite frankly after thirty years in hairdressing I’m yet to be proven that either one of them is better than the other.

“So should I comb or brush depending on the type of hair I have?”

Yes ! It’s really important to understand the type of hair you have. Do you have bleached hair, Balayage or Ombre? Is your hair thick, strong and coarse or do you have brittle, fine or over processed hair?

If you now what type of hair you have, you should know what the right comb or brush is to use. How? Well, does your hair feel like it’s being ripped out or stretched to breaking point? That will give you the answer you’re looking for. Personally for me, when I’m doing a clients hair, I generally go for a stiff comb or brush first. If the hair is coping well, continue, but if the hair is being stubborn, I’ll go for something with a bit more flexibility.

In the salon, we use the Cricket Visage Paddle brush on the majority of our clients and this works well nine out of ten times. The other favourite these days are the Tangle Teasers.

Paddle brush

Either way, whatever you decide on, maybe consider spraying some detangler into the hair before combing through. This will definitely help and nourish the hair at the same time.

Happy brushing and combing.