Do shampoos for coloured hair work?


We get asked all the time if shampoos for coloured  hair work from our clients. The simple answer is yes, they do work.

There seems to be confusion and a lack of understanding about different shampoo’s on the market so hopefully I can clear some of that up for you.

Firstly, it’s hard not to take notice of the ads on television.Beautiful ads with stunning women, the most amazing thick luxurious hair ever seen. So much shine you could almost use the hair as a mirror. Well those ads are usually for bulk supermarket products and as a hairdresser with thirty years experience, I’ve seen some horrible results from those products.

And I get asked all the time about the cost factor. Salon shampoos are definitely more expensive, and I understand  that.

But what you could  look at is the quality of the ingredients in the products. Cheap product equals cheap ingredients which equals poor results in the hair, especially if using any sort of heated implement on your hair for styling.

So what you’re finding now with most professional brands are products that are sulfate free, contain no alcohol and contain extra ingredients to add protein and moisture to the hair, which help close the cuticle and trap the colour inside.

The way to look at it is like this: If you spend lot’s of time and money on your hair colour, why not give it the best care it can get. It’s going to help the colour last longer and help with the condition of the hair.

In the end, the best way to find the right products for your hair is to have a thorough consultation with your hairdresser. They are qualified to give you advice on how your hair is at that moment and what it is  you’re trying to achieve, now and in the future. Products are quite prescriptive.

I can’t imagine getting advice from a checkout person in a supermarket. Can you see that happening?

“ Um excuse me, I noticed you bought the anti frizz serum, but I can see your hair lacks protein. Why don’t you grab the blah blah instead?”

I often see people scratching their heads in the supermarket.

The other thing worth finding out from your hairdresser is how to use the products properly. Take for example the Pureology range. You only need the size of a pea to shampoo and condition. So if you do use it properly, you are going to get great value from the product.

So if you really want what’s best for your hair and want to maintain the colour, use professional recommended products