Old School

Old school ? What on earth are you talking about?

Well believe it or not, we still offer the old school Streaks. Some folk call them Highlights. Some think of the nasty rubber cap they shove on your head. Most won’t have any idea what we are talking about. Read on:

Streaks can get results foils can’t, and vice versa. So why not have them in your arsenal? Maybe you just want some really fine highlights, or the sun kissed look. Old school streaks have you covered. Cheveux was pioneering in developing a system like no other. With an individually designed, once use only thin plastic cap, we can create a colour you won’t find in any other salon….actually that’s a lie….but there aren’t many of us left!


Short 120
Medium 140
Long 160


But wait, there’s more !

What about the really bad smell you  occasionally find in a salon? Of course we have showers! But some people were born with straight hair and they don’t like it. So we give them the smelly Permanent Wave. They may not be in fashion right now, but believe me, they will be. I never though Fluro would come back, but it did. So if you want to be ahead of the rest, get a Perm.

Half 90
Standard 110
Creative POA

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